TekView Powertxt Duo

TekView Powertxt Duo

What is the Powertxt Duo?

The Powertxt Duo is a device that can reboot connected equipment remotely via a GSM network using text messages in a secure manner.  What makes the Powertxt Duo different from other devices is that it is not connected to a tcp/ip network, eliminating online threats from attacking the device to control equipment on your network or from gaining access to other devices.

What can the Powertxt Duo do?

The Powertxt Duo has two IEC14 connectors which can be used to connect to routers, servers, ups systems, dvrs, etc.  These devices can be rebooted from anywhere via a text message.  Each port can be independently controlled and supports a maximum load of 5A (10A max across both ports).  All the text messages that you send to the device require a numerical password which you configure when you setup the device initially.

The Powertxt Duo can also be used to alert you of power off and on events, which is ideal if you need to know if a site is experiencing a powercut.  You can even text the device at any time to get up to date information.

How secure is the Powertxt Duo?

As the Powertxt Duo is not connected to a tcp/ip network, and requires text messages secured with a password to control the device, the Powertxt Duo is very secure.  Not only would you be far more at risk by means of discovery and brute force attacks by using a device on a tcp/ip network, you immediately reduce the initial configuration time as there is no need to configure firewalls, open ports, etc.  Even moving the device from one building to another needs no reconfiguration unless you want to change the passwords to access the device.

The Powertxt Duo only has access to the power to your connected devices.  If somebody did get hold of the password and phone number for the Powertxt Duo, the attack that person could inflict is limited to controlling the power to the connected device. No access to the network would be possible.

How quickly can I setup the Powertxt Duo?

Setup takes just 5 minutes.  Insert a sim card, send the Powertxt Duo a few text messages and the device will be up and running.  Until the Powertxt Duo has been configured via text message, the device will supply power to both ports.

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