About Us

Wulfware LTD is proud to be a new business supplying wifi and network equipment to homes and businesses.

The main goal of Wulfware LTD is to provide high quality products which are easy to deploy and manage, with overall running costs kept as low as possible while still maintaining a reliable network.

The things we look for in products we sell are:

  • How reliable is the equipment
  • Does it scale well and is it expandable
  • Is the product overpriced or are the running costs too expensive
  • How easy is it to use and deploy

Wulfware LTD is run by technical minded people who have used and deployed networks using the equipment that is listed on the website. This allows them to not only list products that they have faith in, but also provide excellent support for the products, whether you are a customer or not. 

Wulfware LTD operate a community based site at https://community.wulfware.co.uk - This site will provide support to anyone that has questions about products listed or something they have bought.